Jay Gonzalez, French Exit, Fourth Mansions

Jay Gonzalez, French Exit, Fourth Mansions

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FOURTH MANSIONS is the efforts of Joe Rowe from Athens, GA.
The former drummer and a founding member of The Glands.
Currently playing drums with Pylon Reenactment Society, Love Tractor, and Haunted Shed.
Insightful, strange, sweet, melancholic, darkly humorous songs delivered with fumbly acoustic guitar, acoustic bass and a voice that has so far been compared to Donovan, Thom Yorke, Morrissey, and “Syd Barrett in a bad mood”.


JAY GONZALEZ is best known as keyboardist and guitarist for Drive-by Truckers. He has also released two solo albums, Mess of Happiness and The Bitter Suite, both influenced by 70’s A.M. gold pop and power pop. When not touring with the Truckers, he frequently plays solo and full band shows around Athens and the East Coast and is the inventor of the Acoustic Keytar (patent pending.)